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—  whites—



—  2017 Pinot Gris—
A well-balanced beauty sure to please the subtlest sweet tooth, with citrus on the nose and melon on the tongue.
  $7.00/pour     $16.00/bottle

— 2017 Albariño —
This Spanish white gives a voluptuous welcome of butterscotch and macadamia, with the ripeness of apricot and pear and a nice semi-dry finish.
   $7.00/glass    $17.00/bottle

—  2016 Rosé (Pinot Noir) —
Crafted in the traditional French style, this lovely pink blush offers aromas of grapefruit and honeydew and the romance of summer raspberries.
 $7.00/glass     $18.00/bottle

—2016 Chardonnay—
Delightful aplets and cotlets on the palette, a nicely balanced wine with a hint of oak and a long finish. 

$8.00/glass      $25.00/bottle   


—  reds—


—  2016 Pinot Noir— 
High-bodied and well balanced, this bold and beautiful grape from Dundee Hills offers cherry, black currant and roses, embraced by fine oak.
  $10.00/glass   $38.00/bottle

— 2016 Syrah  — 
Like a delightfully long evening by the fire, this wine has pepper and smoke aromas, chocolate and cherry accents, deep tannins and a mellow finish.
 $10.00/glass   $35.00/bottle

— 2016 Ripple Red Cuvée —
With hints of black cherry, cola and sandalwood, this remarkable mingling of reds from Horse Heaven Hills is aged 22 months in French oak.
 $10.00/glass   $35.00/bottle

— 2016 Merlot —
This lovely red offers cherries, plum, and spice.  A delightfully robust mouth feel and nice structure.  It has a  smooth finish and soft tannins.  You are going to need more than one bottle.
 $10.00/glass    $35.00/bottle

— 2015 Cabernet Sauvignon —
Bold, complex, and compelling, with aromas of black cherry, currant, and tobacco.  An elegant full-bodied wine that is with well integrated tannins and long finish.

$10.00/glass    $38.00/bottle




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2016 Cabernet Franc, 2017 Pinot Noir, 2017 Malbec, 2018 Rosé , 2017 Chardonnay